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Good Web Design at A List Apart

I've just come across this series of articles on A List Apart. The first article discusses the difference between "graceful degradation" and "progressive enhancement" which is a subtle but important difference. The second article deals with CSS and so got my mind tweak when talking about typography and how CSS can control it, which is something I want to get more involved in. I had read that the Thesis theme for WordPress does a lot of work with typography... and I want to learn how!

If you have any good sites that discuss, explain, or illustrate good typography in web design, please leave them in the comments for all to see and explore.

Design vs Style: Screw Style!

Here is an older article by Eric Karjaluoto at ideasonideas about how style should be left out of any good design: - Style Article (not a real url)

I can see his argument. While its true that design should be dictated by the function of the problem you are trying to solve, I think its also important to attempt to create an eye-pleasing result that gets your message across. Eye-pleasing doesn't have to mean a "style" or design that will be come dated quickly... and lets hope its possible to create a great design that lasts the test of time.

Also, I wonder why exactly he things Comic Sans is a horrible font.