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Free Star Wars Fonts and Information

I was just reading an article in the last issue of Wired on Chee Leland, the keeper of continuity in the Star Wars universe (that WOULD be a great job - read it here). In an aside comment, the author makes reference to the Aurebesh alphabet... so of course with my interest in fonts and typography, not to mention made up languages and their connection to real ones, I just had to google it.

The Aurebesh alphabet was created by graphic artist Stephen Crane. In this article, Mr. Crane explains how it came about that he created the alphabet for the Empire... at least one of them anyway.

The article is a great read, and includes links to a whole collection of Star Wars related fonts including a hand-written version of the Aurebesh alphabet (named after the first two characters, Aurek and Besh naturally) but also Ewok and Droid letters.

The article was written in 2000 and mentions a Trade Federation font that appears in a Droid Viewer on the StarWars site, but that viewer is no longer easily accessible. It might be there somewhere but I don't have time to go looking for it. However, a search of the site brought me to this link: Trade Federation Font created by Peter Schuster Jr.

Besides, who can complain about free fonts!?
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