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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First post! Yes I am a typegeek.

Ok its not my first post EVER, but its my first post here.

I was struck with the idea of creating a typography, graphic design, artsy blog after reading an article at designfloat.com. It reminded me of the typography chapter I studied once in a graphic design course I took at school. That course and the teacher, Mike Bax, really got me hooked on typography. Although I had been involved with graphic design for years earlier. I was actually hired as a volunteer graphic artist (technically a graphic designer) when I was in 4th year at university... and I didn't have any experience! I thought I was just going to help people format their resumes. But the times I had there were amazing, and perhaps ever since then I have had a private desire to become a graphic designer.

I promised myself that if I ever went back to school, it would be for graphic design. That didn't exactly happen... but there is still time!

Actually I keep my hand in design occasionally still with taking classes in drawing, chinese brush painting, 3d computer graphics or just making invitations using cool paper!

Of all the blogs I've started recently, this is the one that makes me the most excited... although that could be because I tend to move from one topic to another on a rotating basis... sometimes something just jumps to the forefront for a while! I actually had a lot of fun just doing the logo at the top of the page! I must be using an older version of MS Paint I guess, because the anti-aliasing is just awful and there is no other settings for it!

That’s the problem with typography: once you learn a little bit about it you can’t help but notice the flaws whereever you see it. I hope this blog will become instructional as well as over the months I will develop tutorials about fonts and typography, as well as any other related technologies I can think of.

So for starters, what’s your favourite font?

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